We will be the national leaders in the field of pharmacy education, training, research and service as we are committed to providing a conducive environment to our learners to experience world class teaching, research and practice facilities in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and diverse manner to produce effective and well-trained health care providers.


Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences inspires, educates and engages current and future pharmacists in cutting edge research and leads practice development to serve the education and health sector for the people of Pakistan and the World. The mission of Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SCPS) is to contribute towards the health and well-being of the Pakistani nation by providing state-of-the-art teaching, therapeutics related research, patient care training and professional services. We pride ourselves in promoting a culture of respect, equity and inclusion to all the learners irrespective of their gender, ethnic, religious and financial / socioeconomic background. We believe in SPREADing our diverse experience through:

Sharing our professional expertise with the new generation of pharmacists, policy makers and other health care providers

Promoting rational use of medicines by training them in the field of clinical pharmacy practice

Research based training programs to reveal and share basic, clinical and translational aspects of pharmaceutical sciences

Empowering the in-service pharmacy professionals by providing them continuing pharmacy education and post-graduate training programs

Aligning the pharmacy education with the international standards for representing the country at all national and international forums

Developing and delivering a unique set of training skills to enable the learners to think critically and grow as pharmacy leaders

Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences supports and promotes the larger missions of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Shifa International Hospitals, Shifa Foundation and Tameer-e-Millat Foundation.