Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SCPS) is an academic unit of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Allied Health Sciences (FPAHS) and a constituent college of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University; which is an HEC recognized & Federally chartered University. SCPS, since its inception in 2014, has been expediting state-of-the-art education and training, including campus-based and facility-based laboratory and clinical education in pharmaceutical sciences. It also forms part of the affiliation of the Joint Commission International, USA accredited hospital; the Shifa International Hospitals Ltd., Islamabad. The latter is a unique distinction of being the only national pharmacy institute in Pakistan associated with an internationally accredited hospital.

Located in the heart of the national capital, SCPS is a well-positioned innovative center focused on healthcare that brings education, diagnostics, treatment, research, and commercial applications together. Pharmacy, a lifesaving profession, is an interdisciplinary field which deals with the aspects of pharmacotherapy and formulation development. The pharmacy profession has long-drawn-out significantly in terms of providing professional services and now recognized as a significant profession in the multidisciplinary approach to health care systems.

SCPS has developed the Pharm. D. curriculum with an aim to achieve international level competencies among their graduates. This makes SCPS the pioneer and only institute to offer Integrated Contextual Modular Curriculum (ICMC) in Pharmacy education. This curriculum is designed in accordance with Objective-based Curriculum Design and Competency-based Curriculum design. It is characterized by active learning, critical thinking, integration, flexibility and innovation. The curriculum content has been devised in a manner to interlink various aspects of objective learning and competencies as per the demand of the stakeholders. Though all the standards set by the traditional curriculum and scheme of studies are compiled to; the revision of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum is executed in a manner that the SCPS graduates standout as leaders in pharmacist-led practice-based setting in all sectors of pharmacy profession.

SCPS is also offering postgraduate programs in Pharmacology (Molecular) and Clinical Pharmacy Practice. These programs are based on innovative research areas, which complement the international standards and market-scope.