Students Acknowledgments

“I am Qaneeta Haseeb, an alumna of SCPS from the pioneer batch. Prior to joining Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a research assistant, I worked at Fresh Pharmaceuticals for more than a year. My journey at SCPS has been a joyful roller-coaster, I have seen it grow through the years as I have grown with it. Studying at Shifa really provides one with the opportunity to learn and experience pharmacy practices in countries leading the healthcare industry in reference to the practices in Pakistan, preparing the graduates to excel in the Pharmacy profession in Pakistan and abroad. During my brief practical experience, I have come to realize the education imparted in SCPS is unparalled by any other Pharmacy institute in Pakistan and gives me great pride to be associated with it.”

(Qaneeta Haseeb, Class of 2018)

“My name is Mohsin Arshad from the Class of 2018. I did my Pharm-D from Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and currently I am working as a Quality Assurance Officer at Leads Pharmaceuticals. I believe being Shifaite is one of best things ever happened to me. SCPS provides me with the exposure to quality standards not only for education but for personal and professional grooming. Friendly environment given by Chairperson and teachers boost student’s confidence. I wish, I can reverse the time and enjoy my student life in SCPS.”

(Mohsin Arshad, Class of 2018)

“I am Raja Khurram Mumtaz working as Production Officer at Leads Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd. I graduated from Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018. It was a wonderful part of my life to be the student of this institution. I participated in many events organised by institution and it was very helpful for me in professional grooming and boosting my confidence. The Dean, Administration and the Faculty was very nice and supportive to the Students. I must say that SCPS is one of the best pharmacy institutions of country.”

(Raja Khurram Mumtaz, Class of 2018)

“Attending SCPS was an opportunity of a lifetime. There are so many amazing and competent teachers who are devoted to students. Students are also hard working and are almost always involved in extracurricular activities. It can be challenging sometime but I think it takes this kind of can’t think of a word which prepares you for the real world. Best thing about SCPS is definitely the atmosphere. And opportunities are just endless! ”

(Mariam Fatima, Class of 2018)

“My name is Sidrah Tariq Khan, I belong to the class of 2019 at Shifa College of Pharmaceutical sciences. SCPS is a place where I spent some of the most important years of my life, a place where I went through much of my personal and professional growth as the university offered numerous opportunities for the same. We have been taught and trained by some of the most qualified faculty, who made sure that we leave the university as a better version of ourselves. During my studies, I developed a keen interest in research sciences, especially after I enrolled into the university’s research electives program and that is where I realized that this was my calling.  I believe that science as we know today is only a product of the immense amount of research that has been carried out in the past and I consider myself extremely lucky to be working as a research assistant at my university under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sagheer Ahmad. From being a student to a member of the faculty in the same university seems surreal, however, the work environment at Shifa is incredibly positive and has helped me fit perfectly into my job. The work that I do is something very dear to me as I believe that it is assisting me in building the career that I want for myself, by bringing me one step closer to my goal.

(the future belongs to those who prepare for it today -Malcolm X) ”

(Sidra Tariq Khan, Class of 2019)