Functions and Responsibilities of Graduate Studies and Research Management Council

(1) Prepare regulations for Graduate Programs and get these approved by the Academic Council.

(2) Review proposals of Graduate Programs and recommend these to the Academic Council for approval.

(3) Evaluate existing Graduate Programs to ensure their standard and give suggestions for improvement.

(4) Ensure the quality of Graduate Students, particularly those entering M. Phil and Ph.D. programs.

(5) Ensure continuous progress on Graduate thesis and help remove bottle-necks.

(6) Give final approval to Ph.D. theses, and recommend the award of degrees.

(7) Recommend research measures deemed necessary for creating research environment, research facilities and generate motivation for research.

(8) Form rules to govern, regulate and facilitate research activities and recommend these to Academic Council for approval.

(9) Consider research proposals to be submitted to university or external agencies for funding.

(10) All other matters related to Graduate Studies and research activities of the university.

Constitution of Graduate Studies and Research Management Council

Clause Provision in para-12 of the University Statutes Name Designation
(a) the Vice Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Khan Vice-Chancellor
(b) the Deans of the Faculties Prof. Dr. Mohammad Amir Dean Faculty of Health Sciences
Prof. Dr. Raisa Gul Dean Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
Prof. Dr. Tausif A. Rajput Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Allied Health Sciences
(c) the Registrar Prof. Dr. Ahsan Hameed Registrar, STMU
(d) the Controller of Examinations Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Controller of Examinations, STMU
(e) the Principals of the colleges and such heads of departments as may be prescribed Prof. Dr. Mohammad Amir Principal, Shifa College of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Tausif A. Rajput Principal, Shifa College of Pharmaceutical & Allied Health Sciences
Prof. Dr. Iftikhar N. Hassan Head of Department, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Arshad Nawaz Malik Head of Department, Physical Therapy
Dr. Farrukh Mateen Head, Shifa College of Medical Technology
Mr. Wasim Ahmed Acting Head, Department of Management Sciences
(f) One university teacher other than professors from each department offering research program(s) to be nominated by the Academic Council Prof. Dr. Sagheer Ahmed Head of Department BMS, Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mrs. Nafisa Iqbal Vice Principal, Shifa College of Nursing
(g) Three members from the Research Organizations and Government Departments to be nominated by the Syndicate Prof. Dr. Khurram Shahzad Associate Dean / HOD FMS, Management Sciences
Dr. Abdus Salam Khan Department of ER, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Dr. Aisha Khurshid International & Comparative Education, Department of Education Leadership & Policy Studies, Florida State University, USA
(h) Three senior professors to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zameer Professor of Anesthesiology, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Dr. Ejaz A. Khan Consultant Pediatrician, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.