Power and Functions of the Academic Council


22. Powers and functions of the Academic Council.

(1) The Academic Council shall be the principal academic body of the University and shall, subject to the provisions of this Act and the statutes, have the power to lay down proper standards of instruction, research and examinations and to regulate and promote the academic life of the University and the colleges.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing powers, and subject to the provisions of this Act, the statutes, the Academic Council shall have the following powers to:-

(a) approve the policies and procedures pertaining to the quality of academic programmes;

(b) approve academic programmes;

(c) approve the policies and procedures pertaining to student related functions including admissions, expulsions, punishments, examinations, and certification;

(d) approve the policies and procedures assuring quality of teaching and research;

(e) propose to the Syndicate schemes for the constitution and organization of Faculties, teaching departments and board of studies;

(f) appoint paper setters and examiners for all examinations of the University after receiving panels of names from the relevant authorities ;

(g) institute programmes for the continued professional development of University Teachers at all levels;

(h) recognize the examinations of other Universities or examining bodies as equivalent to the corresponding examinations of the University;

(i) regulate the award of studentships, scholarships, exhibitions, medals and prizes;

(j) propose regulations for submission to the Senate;

(k) prepare an annual report on the academic performance of the University; and

(l) perform such functions as may be prescribed by regulations.

Constitution of the Academic Council

Clause Provision in Para-21(1) of the University Act Name Designation

the Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Khan Vice-Chancellor

the Deans of Faculties and such Heads of department as may be prescribed

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amir Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences/Principal SCM
 Prof. Dr. Raisa Gul Dean, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
Prof. Dr. Tausif A. Rajput Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical & Allied Health Sciences/Principal SCPS
Prof. Dr. Iftikhar N. Hassan Head of Department, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Arshad Nawaz Malik Head of Department, Physical Therapy
Dr. Farrukh Mateen Head, Shifa College of Medical Technology
Mr. Wasim Ahmed Acting Head of Department, Management Sciences

five members representing the departments, institutes and the constituent colleges to be elected in the manner prescribed by the Senate

Dr. Darakshan Jabeen Assistant Professor, Health Professions Education, Shifa College of Medicine
Dr. Abdus Salam Khan Department of ER, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Dr. Aamir Nazir Ahmed Assistant Professor, Shifa College of Medicine
Dr. Ashraf Hussain Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Shifa College of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Sagheer Ahmed Professor and Head of BMS, Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

five Professors including Emeritus Professors

Prof. Dr. Riffat Shafi Head Physiology, Shifa College of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah Consultant Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Prof. Dr. Tahir Aziz Ahmed Department of Immunology, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zameer Professor of Anesthesiology, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Dr. Ejaz A. Khan Consultant Pediatrician, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.

the Registrar

Prof. Ahsan Hameed Registrar, STMU

the Controller of Examinations

Prof. (Emeritus) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Controller of Examinations

the Librarian

Mr.  Muhammad Javed Chief Librarian, STMU