Financial Assistance

Quality education coupled with professional training through eminent consultants and teaching faculty is neither an easy task nor cheap to deliver. It always comes at a cost and this is where our University’s objective of being a “Not for Profit” organization and extensive “Financial Aid Programs” plays its part of serving not only humanity, but also the society as a continuous commitment to Building the Nation: meaning to the name we carry (Tameer-e-Millat).

We are committed to making our education and professional training(s) affordable. Many of our students look at their degree as an investment in their future and finance their graduate education through a combination of institutional funding(s), government aid(s), scholarships, and other sources. In this connection, the Registrar’s office devises policies and regulations in collaboration with the Treasurer’s office to value and inculcate transparency, which means being open about the policies, guidelines and regulations that govern these financial aids. Providing such aids to students for completion of their studies is exercised through the following regulations;

In pursuant to Section 5(3) and Section 26(1)(g) of the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Act, following shall be the Financial Assistance Program of the University:

Financial Assistance
  1. A committee constituted by the Syndicate for the purpose of Financial Assistance shall select students for the scholarships and other funds on the basis of their applications on the prescribed form.
  2. For the purpose of fund collection, a form will be circulated to all the members of STMU/Shifa Family and collected before the 30th September each year (contribution to be added to separate endowment fund).
  3. A student would be eligible for only one financial award, in one category, at any time (the prize award is not included in this category).
  4. 20% waiver will be granted in the tuition fee for the second and onward siblings.
  5. 20% waiver will be granted in the tuition fee for the children of the current full-time employees of the University and its teaching hospital (Shifa International Hospitals Ltd).
  6. 25% waiver will be granted in the tuition fee for a student whose father/legal guardian has died during the course of study of the program in which the student is enrolled at that time.
  7. In some special cases committee will be authorized to decide and grant the financial aid.
Prize Money
  1. The prize money will be a separate category—i.e., it shall be evaluated on the basis of academic achievements and shall not be mixed with the other financial assistance and/or benefits.
  1. All the cases related to award of the prize money shall be dealt by a standing committee whose decision shall be considered final.
  1. The amount of prize money shall be calculated on the regular Tuition fee of the same semester/Year in which the position is determined and shall be distributed as follows:
    1. First Position: 15%
    2. Second Position: 10%
    3. Third Position: 5%
  1. The evaluation criteria shall be as follows:

Semester System: On securing the SGPA of 3.00 or above on the 4.00 scale.

Annual System: On securing at least 80% aggregate in the annual professional examinations in any year.

  1. There shall be only three prizes in the category of Prize Money. However, if there are two students who secure first position then both the students shall be awarded the prize money of the first position and the remaining one prize shall be awarded to the second position holder(s) with the prize money of the second position and no prize shall be awarded to the third position holder(s). Provided further that if there are three or more students on the first position then all the students shall be awarded the prize money of the first position and no prizes shall be awarded to the second and third positions holders. The same criterion shall be applied on the second and third positions if more than one student is securing such position(s).
  1. The prize winners shall be awarded the money in the form of cheque or scholarship on account of their tuition fee of the next semester/year. Position holders of the final semester/year shall be awarded the prizes in the form of cheque.
  1. In case of any disciplinary issue against the prize/scholarship holder during the semester/year, he/she shall not be awarded any prize or scholarship.
  1. The prize money certificates shall be distributed to the position holders in the convocation or other events as feasible.
Payment of Fee and Charges in Installments
  1. Depositing of fee and charges in installments shall only be a privilege and not the right of the students.
  1. No more than 10% of the students of a batch shall be allowed to pay their fee and charges in installments for a regular academic session (year or semester as the case may be).
  1. A student may be allowed to deposit his/her fee and charges of a semester/session in maximum two installments. The first installment shall be payable within the stipulated time before the start of the classes of the semester/session.  The amount of the first installment shall not be less than 50% of the total payable amount of the semester/session. The second installment shall be payable before the end of mid of the semester/session. The student shall have to apply on the prescribed form for submission of fee in installments within the stipulated time period before the start of the classes of the semester/session.
  1. The applications for deposit of fee and charges in installments shall be evaluated by a Committee strictly on need-cum-merit basis. The recommendations of the Committee shall be forwarded by the Principal/Head of the respective college/department to the Treasure/CFO for further processing. Late fee charges shall be applied in case the payments are made after the stipulated time.
  1. The employees of Shifa Family and their dependent children who are students of the university may be allowed to deposit their fee and charges on monthly installments provided that nothing shall be outstanding at the time of terminal examinations of the academic session (year or semester as the case may be). Provided further that these students shall not be counted towards the number/percentage mentioned in section 17 above.
Funding Sources

The Treasurer’s office tabs both individual sponsors and Trust organizations for memorandum to financially accommodate and facilitate needy students. The same is pursued through eligibility for various government financing schemes such as “Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)” and MOU with the KPK provinsional government etc.

Paid Internships

Paid internships may be offered in collaboration with our sponsoring agencies such as Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. An evaluation based system asses and offers job(s) to the same on need-cum-merit basis for supporting back their families.