Quality Enhancement Cell

Quality Education Cell at STMU has been established in line with the guide lines of HEC to meet its given standards of quality assurance in the Universities. Quality assurance policies at STMU cover all the guidelines and procedures in relation to improvements in education standards suggested by HEC. This is to demonstrate that said quality assurance standards give an accurate reflection of whether students have actually met all the stated learning objectives and achievement levels of the programs. The aim of quality assurance standards and policies is for faculties to make clear how they guarantee the quality and delivery of education at par with the HEC standards.

The development and implementation of sound quality standards reflecting faculty appointment, curriculum development, learning objectives, self-assessment review process, infra-structure facilities, research development and examination policies is the responsibility of the University and Quality Education Cell has the role for monitoring of quality assurance program of the University in addition to making it sure that it is being implemented in true letter and spirit.

It is the duty of the university to ensure that faculties develop and implement assessment and examination policies – this means that the university delegates some of its responsibility to the faculties. After all, quality standard policies involve the relationship between educational objectives and educational outcomes, both of which are part of the programmes, which themselves are part of the domain of the faculties.

Although most programmes at STMU have a robust tradition in terms of faculty appointments, assessments and examinations, there have always been a space for further improvement and challenges in this area. Ongoing undergraduate and graduate programmes are being evaluated systematically through YPR Year Progress Reviews and SAR Self-Assessment Review. Both evaluation processes have gone into adequate testing in the relation to the various quality assessment standards emphasizing feedback assessments and learning objectives and achievement levels. All kinds of rules and procedures regarding quality assurance standards are available on STMU website. The general purpose of the QEC is to build the capacity of highest education, meeting rising global challenges in quality assurance and improved levels of international compatibility and competitiveness of our graduates through a systematic training program for implementation of quality criteria.

Assessment of quality education standards has become a knock-out criterion for the accreditation. To make sure that the undergraduate and graduate programs continue to be accredited in the future, it is essential that the faculty operates and implements an assessment and feedback review policy. It is part of the current accreditation framework for higher education, and is one of the areas that must achieve a satisfactory rating in order for accreditation to be granted, and kept.

HEC policies are the guidelines for the education organisation and its faculty members. In this context ‘Guidelines’ mean that they are applied by both the educational organisation and faculty. These quality standards lay emphasis on the quality components and need immediate attention.