Functions and Responsibilities of Board of Studies

(1) To implement academic, administrative and research policies approved by the university for the department.

(2) To evaluate, discuss and recommend academic programs, curricula and course, or changes, revision and improvement in the light of new emerging trends and requirements of Regulatory Authorities.

(3) To discuss and recommend the creation, development and improvement of facilities and infrastructure in the department as may be dictated by Regulatory Authorities of programs or contemporary needs.

(4) To approve the formation of various committees to be constituted at departmental level.

(5) To discuss and propose ways and means to ensure high standard   of teaching and research in the faculty.

(6) To approve various students activities including academic, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular.

(7) To suggest changes in teaching/assessment methodologies as may be required from time to time.

(8) The Departmental Council shall meet at-least once a quarter. The quorum of the meeting shall be 1½ of the total membership.

Constitution of the Board of Studies


Para 9 of minutes of 11th Senate meeting



the Chairperson of the department concerned:



all the Professors and Associate Professors in the department concerned:



two University Teachers other than the Professors and Associate Professors as appointed by the Academic Council:



three teachers other than the University Teachers as appointed by the Syndicate:



Two experts from academia/industry in the relevant field/area of the subject(s) as appointed by the Vice Chancellor: