Registrar of the University is appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed. The Registrar has a pivotal position in administrative set up of the University. The Registrar is:

(1) The administrative head of the secretariat of the University and shall be responsible for the provision of secretariat support to the Authorities of the University.

(2) Administrative head of HR and other logistics departments of the University and shall exercise such other administrative and financial powers as delegated by the Vice Chancellor or Senate.

(3) Responsible for the supervision of the process of election, appointment or nomination of members to the various authorities and other bodies in the prescribed manner.

(4) Custodian of the seal of the University and degrees and responsible for the maintenance of University records.

(5) Secretary of the Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council; Member of such other committees as may be prescribed in the statutes. He shall also be member of Management Committee/BOG if any of constituent colleges.

(6) Responsible to approve all cases of migration and credit transfers.

(7) Responsible to deal with all matters pertaining to students affairs including admission and enrollment, academics, convocations, degrees and discipline, for the University as well as its Constituent and Affiliated Units.

(8) Responsible for any other duty assigned to Registrar by the Senate, Syndicate or Vice Chancellor.

Prof. Dr. Ahsan Hameed
Registrar, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University

Prof. Dr. Ahsan Hameed is a medical graduate from Army Medical College and has served the Pakistan Armed Forces in the Medical Corps for xx years. Specialized in Dermatology and have held many administrative positions in the past.