Introduction (MS)

The department of Management Sciences (DMS) is a constituent unit of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University (STMU- a federally charted university). It is located at the junction of two global cities (Islamabad: the beautiful capital of Pakistan and Rawalpindi) makes us unique among other management and business schools. This position gives us the unparalleled capability to deliver research and education which advance the frontiers of understanding in management through an integrated view of the economic, psychological, social, political and technological contexts in which people, teams, organisations and markets operate nationally and internationally. The Department of Management Sciences aims to be a world class centre for education and research in Health, Engineering, Business, Basic and Social Sciences and other emerging fields. It is on the track to become an innovative centre focused on quality education and would play a role in feeding a diversified and market-driven environment.

We are committed to offer a professional learning opportunity to those who wish to excel. Our aim is to create a positive, rich and inclusive learning environment in our faculty, which feeds creativity. Promotion of research is the corner stone of the faculty where both teacher and students are involved in the production of world class research work. The university offers state-of-the-art resources within the campus to facilitate students to enhance their capabilities. In addition, we have blend of young and experienced foreign faculty members, specialists in their spheres of knowledge.

The Department of Management Sciences would like to welcome you to STMU.  The DMS offers three separate programmes:

  1. Bachelors (4-Years) in six specialities: Business Administration; Accounting & Finance; Supply Chain Management; Education Planning and Management; Health Services Management and Islamic Banking and Finance.
  2. MBA (Management Sciences) in Six different streams; Accounting & Finance; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Health Services Management; Investment and Finance, Supply Chain Management.
  3. MS (Management Sciences) in Six different streams; Accounting & Finance; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Health Services Management; Investment and Finance, Supply Chain Management.

The degrees offered by the DMS at STMU is accredited by the Higher Education of Pakistan. The Department of Management Sciences programmes are designed to provide the students with the main theoretical concepts and practical applications with emphasise on latest research that can be used in today’s dynamic business environment. To achieve this, the faculty depends on various methods of delivery and selects the most appropriate assessment methodology to ensure the students’ ability to demonstrate the required learning outcomes of their programme of study. Moreover, there is continuous development of the programmes, the learning material, and the teaching methodology to enhance the standard or calibre of our graduates.

STMU is a new kind of university where opportunities to given to students who could live, learn and research. Around 37% of our students are mature students, so we have a real understanding of the challenges that come when combining studies with other responsibilities. Students can join the Mature Students Network, with free access to a range of social, welfare and academic support networks.

Emphasis and attention are given to the following: 

  • Providing our students with the information, communication techniques and facilities needed to keep them up to date with the latest developments and changes taking place in global business environment.
  • All students have access to the internet services at the STMU also they have access to the electronic resources of HEC. During their studies, students are expected to make extensive use of the internet as a major source of information as far as all subjects offered are concerned.
  • In addition to formal lectures, course delivery also includes case studies, research articles and tutorials where major contemporary issues are discussed, evaluated, and debated.
  • Developing the students’ intellectual abilities, analytical and presentation skills through undertaking research projects in a variety of disciplines. These projects are closely supervised by PhD faculty members. In addition, final year graduation projects are formally assessed and evaluated by a panel of internal and external examiners.
  • After completion of degree STMU arrange the opportunity for students voluntary and paid internships in different national and international organizations.