Management covers the following functional areas:-

  • Financial Management: Financial management includes forecasting, cost control, management accounting, budgetary control, statistical control, financial planning etc.
  • Human Resource Management: Personnel / Human Resource Management covers the various aspects relating to the employees of the organisation such as recruitment, training, transfers, promotions, retirement, terminations, remuneration, labour welfare and social security, industrial relations etc.
  • Marketing Management: Marketing management deals with marketing of goods, sales promotion, advertisement and publicity, channels of distribution, market research etc.
  • Production Management: Production Management includes production planning, quality control and inspection, production techniques etc.
  • Material Management: Material management includes purchase of materials, issue of materials, storage of materials, maintenance of records, materials control etc.
  • Purchasing Management: Purchasing management includes inviting tenders for raw materials, placing orders, entering into contracts etc.
  • Maintenance Management: Maintenance Management relates to the proper care and maintenance of the buildings, plant and machinery etc.
  • Office Management: Office management is concerned with office layout, office staffing and equipment of the office.

Health Services Management: Health services managers have the organizational, legal, and financial knowledge that clears the way for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to do their jobs efficiently, effectively, and within the auspices of ever-changing healthcare policy and law. Health services managers also understand the complex landscape of insurance and can help a facility, department, or practice serve patients as best as possible within that complexity.