Student Affair office


Student Affairs Office at Department of Management Sciences is a friendly place to start for questions you may have, about any curricular and/or extra-curricular activity / issue. The Office serves as a liaison between students, faculty and administration. The core function of Student Affairs Office is to be of assistance to students in any way possible, for which the student affairs staff shall help you succeed in your academic pursuits. It leads, directs, and administers overall functions of student counseling, student societies and discipline. The important function of Student Affairs Office is to enhance the quality of student life both in and outside of the classroom. Overseen by Dean of Faculty, this office is a central place for students where they can express and get help about any problem, they encounter on campus whether it is academic, personal or emotional.


The Student Affairs Office has a full-time Adviser Student Affairs, who is readily available to students for sorting out problems. The students are encouraged to consult him for counselling and guidance. Efforts are made to ensure a student life, free from worries and distractions, to help you learn to manage affairs on your own, to cope with strains and stresses which are part of the growth processes and to focus on your prime responsibility. The Student Affairs Office functions as a friend and guide of a student, it administers his needs from the time he steps in the Institute for admission, to the time he graduates from the Institute.


The Student Affairs Office provides proactive support and capacity building services to promote co- curricular activities in the Institute which could enrich our graduates at every stage of their life as well as they could build strong relationships with their peers, faculty, administration and other stakeholders.



The Student Affairs Office is responsible for performing the following functions:


  • Student Counseling
  • Registration of students with respective professional Council(s), if any
  • Receiving of Student applications for academic as well as non-academic issues
  • Addressing complaints of the students
  • Provision of Certificates
  • Information/Query center for students
  • Liaison with the parents / guardians
  • Facilitation in clearance, transcript and degree issuance of graduates.
  • Student Fee and installment issues
  • Examination eligibility and related affairs
  • Student Refunds
  • Scholarships
  • Financial concessions (siblings, death of the bread earner etc.)