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Admissions Open for MBBS Session: 2020-21

How to Apply?

Interested candidates with minimum 60% in MDCAT can apply through PMC NATIONAL ADMISSIONS SYSTEM For more information please visit Pakistan Medical Commission website.

Interview Structure for MBBS & BDS Admissions Session: 2020-2021

According to PMC Admission Regulations (amended) 2020

Interview Structure for MBBS / BDS – Admission Session 2020-2021

Interviews with the faculty of the College is part of the evaluation for selection. The marks obtained in the interview will carry a 20% weightage in overall score for preparation of merit list.

Multiple Mini Interviews:

The College will conduct MMIs as a part of its admission process. These will consist of multiple interactive stations, one or more than one interviewer at each station. The stations will focus on the following domains: ethical decision making, communication skills and knowledge of healthcare system.  The candidates might have to perform one or multiple manual dexterity skills as part of interview process for BDS selection, given the nature of program. The final eligibility for admission will be decided by the admission authority based on the performance of the candidate in all areas of assessment.

If an interviewer observes any psychiatric issue or special need for daily living / functioning in any candidate during the interview, the candidate shall be referred to Medical Board for further evaluation. And the final decision will be taken by the Dean/Principal of SCM after reviewing the decision of the Medical board.

Note: Depending upon the prevailing situation, few components may be conducted online.

Psychiatric/Psychological & Physical Health Assessment:

Due to particular nature and demands of the profession, a candidate seeking admission should possess adequate mental and physical health to be able to obtain medical or dental education as prescribed and sustain its rigors and should be able to practice medicine or dentistry after he/she has qualified and registered as medical or dental practitioner.

Psychiatric / Psychological & Physical Health assessment is a mandatory part of the admission process. Based on the performance of the candidate and the final decision of the committee, the college has the right to refuse admission if he/she is found unfit for this profession. And the same information will be shared with the Pakistan Medical Commission.

If the candidate is suffering from a known psychiatric disorder/psychological problem, it is mandatory to inform the college authorities along with details of treatment. If he/she is taking any psychiatric medicines then a documented evidence/medical certificate by the treating physician should be produced at the time of interview.

If the student is found taking any recreational drug/substance of abuse at the time of admission or during his stay in the college, he can be subjected to random drug screen/urine examination and a strict disciplinary action may be taken in this regard which can result in his/her expulsion from the college.

Note: Detailed information will be shared directly with the selected candidates.

Fee Structure First year MBBS   
(Session: 2020-2021)   
For Local Students  
Fixed Fee & Charges for Local Students  Ist Year 2nd year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total for Program
Tuition Fee 1100000 1199000 1307000 1424500 1552500 6583000
Total Fixed Annual charges 183,000 50,000 60,000 60,000 100,000 453,000
Total Fixed Fee per annum 1,283,000 1249000 1367000 1484500 1652500 7,036,000
For Overseas Students      
Fixed Fee & Charges Ist Year 2nd year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total for Program
Tuition Fee $18,000  $              18,000  $              18,000  $              18,000  $                     18,000 $90,000
Total Fixed Annual charges (Rupees) 233,000 50,000 60,000 60,000 100,000 503,000
For Foreign Students      
Fixed Fee & Charges Ist Year 2nd year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total for Program
Tuition Fee $20,000  $              20,000  $              20,000  $              20,000  $                     20,000 $100,000
Total Fixed Annual charges (Rupees) 233,000 50,000 60,000 60,000 100,000 503,000
Optional Fee & Charges (for year 1) Amount          
Hostel Charges / Month 35,000          
Mess-Food Charges /Month 10,000          
Transport Charges / Month NIL          
Health Insurance /Annum 10,000          
Admission Schedule

Applicants aspiring to join the medical studies at Shifa are advised to read the eligibility for application carefully mentioned in Admission Regulations (Amended) 2020-2021” and apply early without waiting for the last date. 

Important Dates

Last date for online registration on PMC website

19th January 2021

Display of First Merit List

24th January 2021


To register for online application please CLICK HERE.

Eligibility Criteria

In accordance with “Admission Regulations (Amended) 2020-2021” of Pakistan Medical Commission, the basic eligibility criteria for admissions are as follows:

  • Minimum sixty five percent (65%) marks, in F.Sc (Pre-medical)/ Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or A-Level equivalent duly certified by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).
  • Minimum 60% (120/200) marks in National MDCAT 2020 or SAT-II (SAT-II for foreign students only)
  • In case of SAT-II, 60% or above in each subject

SCM Prospectus 2019-20[Download]

Updated Prospectus for the year 2020-2021 will be uploaded soon.

At Shifa College of Medicine we focus on developing lifelong competencies in our graduates. We have adopted the competency framework modeled by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada. These competencies – CanMEDs refer to our goals of developing medical graduate who is: medical expert, collaborator, communicator, scholar, health advocate, manager and professional.

The curriculum at Shifa is learner centered, clinically oriented and will introduce you to patient presentations in all your learning from day one which will progress to clinical clerkships where you will be shadowing clinicians. Our class rooms, laboratories, clinics have been designed with the curriculum in mind. Audio-Visual aids, on-demand internet, an allin-one custom built resource-facility where you, the student as well as the faculty can access multiple sources of learning including powered mannequins, best-practice as well as an extensive library of audio and video files. Furthermore, to cater to your good mental health we also have a dedicated team of trained counselors always ready to guide you.

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