I don’t have a doctor in my family, so deciding what medical college to apply was problematic for me. one day, a random Idea popped up in my mind; why not apply Shifa too? So I applied and Alhumdulillah, got accepted. I visited Shifa before deciding to join here, talked to the students in campus – highly energetic motivated, Student
Affairs – really kind and supportive, no maroon and White Uniform – very attractive! At that time, I developed a strong gut feeling that I must join Shifa, and did.
(Mehpara Saito, 2019-050)

Being one of the premier Medical Colleges in Islamabad, Shifa was the Ideal choice for me and surely after three years in this institute I feel like my decision has been validated.
(Sarah Khalid, 2019-081)

Shifa College of Medicine according to me provides academic, cultural and social opportunities to enhance the intellectual development of serious, highly able and motivated students. It enables us with the latest developments in the field of medicine and in terms of quality it bears comparison with the best available anywhere in the world. The College also sets a high priority in attracting faculty of repute. The experience of being a part of this family constitutes fine ingredients for a truly rewarding learning experience. 
(Maliha Khalid, 2013-034)


The well developed infrastructure and state of the art facilities of Shifa College of Medicine have given me an excellent opportunity to study medicine. The new integrated curriculum being taught by one of the best faculties of the country has allowed me to grasp the ideas and concept of medicine and health in a more comprehensive way.
(Ibrahim Shamael 2012- 034)


The reputation this college has made in such a small time span really impressed me. It is an upcoming and growing institute and I would like to grow with it. 
(Ali Hussnain, 2011-002)


Shifa College of Medicine is truly on the highway to progress in full speed. In less than a decade of commissioning, it has gained the respect of doctors and patients alike that century based institutions haven’t had the honor of achieving. I first heard the name of Shifa when I was ten years old. The most precious person of my life suddenly fell ill. The doctors in Peshawar suggested that we take her to a hospital in Islamabad. Allah and then Shifa saved her life something for which I will always be thankful for and today as I am stepping into the very institution affiliated by this hospital, I dream of saving as many precious lives as possible. It was Shifa that made me want to become a doctor. It is Shifa’s Medical College that Insha Allah will! 
(Wahaj Aman, Class of 2010.)