Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.

The Hospital was incorporated on September 20, 1987 as a Private Limited Company and converted into Public Limited Company on October 12, 1989. The first Shifa office was established at the residence of Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Late) in sector F-8/3, Islamabad. Later it was moved to a rental place in Blue Area (commercial buildings area in Islamabad), and finally the site office building was established in January 1988.

The construction activity to prepare the site for laying the foundation of the Hospital was started in the beginning of 1988. The foundation ceremony took place on October 06, 1989 by the parents and well-wishers of the sponsors and their dedicated team of colleagues and well- wishers.

The idea of developing a high class medical facility in Pakistan was conceived in New York, USA in the mid of 1985. The initiator Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Late), who had just finished his Internal Medicine Residency, called a meeting at his apartment in Brooklyn, New York on the weekend of July 20 & 21. Five professionals gathered there and discussed the idea in detail and approved it. The participants included Dr. Manzoor H. Qazi from Leesville, Louisiana, Mr. Muhammad Zahid from Kew Gardens, New York, Mr. Samiullah Sharief from Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Sabir Ali from Palm Bay, Florida and Dr. Zaheer himself. Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Late) was asked to prepare the feasibility report and the action plan. Subsequently Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Late) moved to Islamabad on December 17, 1985 to start the work on this project.

After extensive discussions and many meetings, the present site in the capital city of Islamabad was selected for this project. The name SHIFA was approved because of its comprehensiveness, originating from our culture, belief and values in totality.

After acquiring over 11 acres of land in Islamabad in 1987, CRI, a hospital development company in Princeton, New Jersey was hired to develop the plan and design of the project. Mr. William Parker, Chief Architect of CRI headed the team, visited the site in Islamabad besides visiting the other hospitals across Pakistan. CRI finished its job in 1989. Shifa International Hospital is a huge tertiary care facility with quality care and OPD facility in different specializations. Nevertheless it is an unending journey. People at Shifa are continuously striving hard to bring improvement and novelty with every passing moment.

Now after two decades, Shifa International Hospital proudly stands as a symbol of quality healthcare with its own brand name SHIFA. The short history of Shifa witnessed rare dedication and devotion of its consultants, management and staff who worked round the clock to make Shifa a reality of its own. It was the vision of the founding Sponsors which took its shape into reality. The task was made possible only with the help of dedicated team of experts and managers under the quality-oriented and inspiring leadership.

Today, the hospital’s Block-A, B, C, D, E and F, ICU beds, new ORs etc., sprawled on its site are efficiently functioning. Allah’s grace made it feasible and viable to carry out such a gigantic and enormous venture. Unique in its concept and efforts set up by the expatriate Pakistanis to repay their homeland with a beautiful gift in the form of a functional institution in the healthcare industry of Pakistan.

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Imperatives

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Imperatives are at the core of everything we do. They represent the foundation upon which we build strategies and organize our operations.

Our Mission

Health Care with Compassion for all.

Our Vision

To be the region’s leader by providing quality healthcare services.

Our Values

Compassion, Commitment, Teamwork, Quality, Respect and Accountability

Our Strategic Priorities
a. Physician Partnership and Enhanced Clinical Quality
b. Provide Seamless/Easy Access Care Delivery
c. Financial Strength/Viability
d. Strategic Growth
Quality Policy

The quality policy of Shifa International Hospitals is to provide cost effective quality medical care to all patients, ensuring ethical practice of medicine.Our quality objective is to continuously improve patient satisfaction.

Shifa Clinical Research Center (SCRC)

The Hallmark of Academic Centers is a triangulation of patient care, education and research. Pakistan with a nearly 180 million population is the sixth most populous nation in the world ,but its medical research productivity continues to significantly lag behind international benchmarks. A plenary session paper presented at the First International Conference on Evidence Based Health Care revealed that compared with an average of four Canadian physicians represented by a peer-reviewed PubMed listed publication, an estimated 95 Pakistani physicians on the average produced one PubMed listed peer-reviewed manuscript in 2011 (ref:Quadri,KHM, EBHC, New Delhi, 2012).Our National health indicators such as infant and maternal mortality rates are some of the poorest in the world.(ref. WHO).

Translational research drives the evolution of new drugs and devices from in-vitro and bench studies through animal studies and Phase 1-1V trials and impacts quality and longevity of life and ultimately the health and productivity of communities and nations. This journey of discovery and innovation is rapidly transforming the concept of Personalized Medicine into a core 21st century reality and a key patient expectation. From genome wide association studies leading to disease prediction and prevention , genomics, proteomics and metabolomics now drives pharmacogenomics, incorporating targeted drugs and biologics development and delivery.

Regenerative Medicine leading to synthesis of tissues and organ systems has responded to challenges in organ transplantation and immune tolerance. Innovations in biomedically engineered devices, simulations and robotic Medicine have been translated into minimally invasive, previously unchartered highly precise and safer curative or ablative interventions.

Shifa International Hospitals and the component faculties of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Health Sciences, represented by Shifa Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Physical Therapy located in the serene and lush green environment abetting the Margalla Hills leading into the Karakorum mountain range, have made a remarkable impact in healthcare quality , delivery and academic curricula development and training within a short span of the past two decades . This impact has been nationally and internationally recognized.

Shifa International Hospital started as a private quality driven , healthcare facility in 1993. Academic Medicine took its roots in 1998 with the step-wise opening of the now reputable, Shifa College of Medicine and Shifa College of Nursing. Shifa International Hospital Postgraduate Medical Education department currently offers eighteen fully accredited and competitive Residency and Fellowship programs leading to FCPS certification . We are thus consciously and responsibly shaping the future human workforce that shall continue to serve Pakistan and International healthcare needs.

Although Shifa has had a robust Institutional Review Board for the past fifteen years and a number of high quality articles have been published in high impact factor journals, representing both bench and clinical work in addition to medical education research, the healthcare leadership role has now made it incumbent upon Shifa to accelerate its progress and to benchmark likewise with leading international academic centers in T1 and T2 translational research and to step in to fill the significant national void.

Simultaneously, we are embarking upon a mission to establish a custom built clinical trials unit and a state of the art research tower, housing at the ground floor level, Shifa Community HealthOutcomes Research Unit ( SCHORU) with Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Evidence Based Health Care and Bioethics divisions Our endeavor is to invest in capacity building for conducting high quality trials , well recognized as the major impediment to centers worldwide, stepping in to and assuming partnership roles, opening up due to ‘globalization’ of clinical trials.

The second floor shall be a dedicated Shifa Metabolic Medicine Research unit (SMMRU) offering a day metabolic bay, body fluid sample processing labs, a pharmacy storage and refrigeration area for investigationals drugs, flowcytometry and gas chromatography and HPLC.

The third floor shall be a Shifa Simulation /Device innovation/Robotics and Regenerative Medicine unit (SSDRRMU). It shall additionally house computational cell biology, physiological Medicine, computational molecular Medicine, Biologic fluid dynamics modeling in addition to data modeling.

The fourth floor shall house Shifa Translational Science unit (STSU) housing Bioinformatics, Biosafety Level 2/3 lab, Omics lab (genonomics, proteomics, metabolomics), cell culture lab, cord blood and stem cell core facility, real-time PCR and microscopy.

The fifth floor shall house the Shifa Global Clinical Trials Collaborative Unit(SGCTCU). This shall offer site offices to partners in collaborative research projects from both Investigator initiated international sites, Universities and health care facilities, industry, Contract research organizations on a time-limited or long term agreements. The goal is to promote cost-effective global multi-center trials and scholarship in research and to entrench Pakistan as a leading international hub of transnational research.

A separate offsite agreement with Institutes of Veterinary Sciences for medium and large size Animal lab based research is envisaged for preclinical studies.

Shifa Clinical Research Center
Ground Floor, A Block, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Pitras Bukhari Road H-8/4, Islamabad - Pakistan
Telephone: +92-51-846-398-485
Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME)

Shifa International PGME department aims to provide training of the highest quality, to lead to the emergence of a qualified academic professional who comes up to the highest professional standards of his/her chosen specialty and at the same time has developed into a humane, communicative and practical individual. The stress is on the acquisition not only of medical skills and knowledge but equally so on the development of professionalism, a scientifically rigorous mind and the skills of managing one's professional life.

The presence and continuous improvement of the physical infrastructure of the Hospital, translates into the availability of most of the investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment needed for the practice of modern medicine. Shifa International Hospital has state-of-the-art equipment for most of the specialties and indeed, some of the facilities available here are the only ones in the country. The laboratories of the Hospital have become the national benchmark in their field.

There is no doubting the excellence of individual teachers and though individuals make a difference, PGME requires that all programmes meet the same standards. This is only possible if there is a system in place that ensures the desired outcomes.

The PGME department, works to ensure that our system of post-graduate medical education establishes internationally acceptable criteria, meets all the requirements of the PMDC and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, establishes clearly stated goals, puts in place plans of teaching with a clearly stated syllabus and regularly monitors itself ensuring transparency in all aspects and continuous professional development.

It is through the rigorous application of this process that Shifa programmes achieve excellence and continue to improve themselves.

The office of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training is responsible for:
• Overseeing the administration of all Residency Training Programs at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.
• Liaising with other internal groups and external organizations regarding Postgraduate Medical Education.
• Conducting internal program reviews and arranging external reviews of all Residency Training Programs to ensure they meet the standards of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons.
• Promoting cross-disciplinary themes and workshops, and fostering collaboration among Residency Training Programs.
• Contributing to the academic base of Postgraduate Medical Education.

We are dedicated to the provision of a quality educational experience to enable the success of each postgraduate trainee.

Post Graduate Medical Education
Department of Medical Staff Affairs
Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.
Sector: H-8/4, Islamabad - Pakistan
Tel: +92-51-846-4059 / 3103
Fax: +92-51-486-3109
Office Hours: Monday - Saturday, 08:30 am to 05:00 pm
Shifa International Hospital, H-8/4, Islamabad

Shifa International Hospital is located on Pitras Bukhari Road, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad. In addition to the five center of Excellence, Shifa is providing state of the art Clinical, Diagnostic, Support and Online Services to the community.

The five Center of Excellence are;

Liver Transplant Center

Shifa International is the pioneer in launching first successful Liver Transplant in Pakistan.One of the objectives of this program is to set-up a Center of Excellence for Liver diseases in Pakistan.

Kidney Transplant Center

The section of Urology ranges from simple urinary tract infections, stones, prostate, diseases, infertility, and impotence to major urological cancer surgeries for kidney, bladder and prostate

Heart Center

Shifa Heart Center provides comprehensive services with advanced technology and personalized care to ensure diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular services all under one roof.

Cancer Center

Shifa cancer center provides cure for cancer with both medical oncology and radiation oncology.

Orthopedics Center

The department of orthopedics has three surgeons,is a young and vibrant team trained in Ireland and UK. Two of the surgeons are on the Specialist Register in these countries.

Shifa International Hospitals
Pitras Bukhari Road, H-8/4, Islamabad
Phone: +92-51-846-4646
Shifa International Hospital, Faisalabad

Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad was conceived and established to pass on the professional and medical expertise and excellence gained during last 2 decades to over 3 million residents of Pakistan’s 3rd largest city.

Shifa International Faisalabad patronizes the same care & compassion, as adopted and practiced at Islamabad to expand outreach of quality health services to the masses. Shifa Hospital Faisalabad caters to different patient segments by offering services of qualified team of consultants in multiple medical/surgical specialties.

Shifa International Hospital utilizes latest database technologies to store all of your medical record history (laboratory, and radiology test reports), and manual record of your examination history. It ensures better patient management and care.

Shifa International Hospital, Faisalabad
Main Jaranwala Road Faisalabad.
Phone: +92-41-874-0951 to 0958

Shifa Medical & Diagnostic Center (Clinic, Lab & Pharmacy)
D-Ground, People’s Colony, Faisalabad.
Phone 1: +92-41-855-9401 to 9404
Phone 2: +92-41-854-3819
Shifa International Medical Center, F-11, Islamabad

F-11 Markaz was strategically chosen as a location for the medical center to facilitate residents of F-10, F-11, E-9, G-10, G-11, Rawalpindi and surrounding areas by delivering quality services at reduced time/traveling cost.

Shifa Medical Center
Savoy Arcade, Next to Standard Chartered Bank
F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-222-8231 to 8233
Fax : +92-51-222-8237