Information Services

Information Retrieval
Library Website
The library website provides a comprehensive gateway to a wide range of library materials, both online and in print. It is a primary source for information about library collections, services and facilities. User self-sufficiency and ease of access are promoted by designing a single, coherent, remotely accessible service.

Library Portal
The Library Portal provides access to library catalogue and campus-wide access to its full-text resources. It also provides secure access to user accounts & activities, patrons can view their library account and circulation activities through the Library Portal. They can also renew or reserve the borrowed items. A Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service keeps users updated with new additions to the library collection. With SDI, patrons can save searches automatically at a set frequency.

Virtual Private Network - VPN
Library provides remote access (off-the-campus) to its full-text online resources through VPN. STMU graduate, postgraduate students and faculty can access these resource while they are out of campus by providing their STMU network credentials.

Wireless connectivity to internet is available at both floors of the library. Patrons can use their laptops/notebooks with built-in wireless adapter to avail this server.

Media Server
Library media Server provides 24/7 access to STMU faculty member’s video lectures as well as research documentaries.

CD Server
A CD-ROM server having 14 core databases mounted in is also available within STMU campus and can be access at Library CD Server.
Three active specialized Help Desks have been set up to provide in-depth reference and research support. All helpdesks provide services till 10:00 pm in all working days. Users may make queries by telephone, fax, and e-mail.

1. Medical Informatics Helpdesk
It handles queries from Shifa College of Medicine, faculty, students and researchers.

2. Allied Health Sciences Helpdesk
It handles queries from Allied Health Sciences faculty, students and researchers.

3. Pharmacy Helpdesk
Handles queries of students, faculty and researchers of Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

4. Nursing Helpdesk
Handles queries of students, faculty and researchers of Shifa College of Nursing.

Shifa International Hospital helpdesk
Handles queries of consultants, PG’s of 23 postgraduate specialties, and researchers.
Information Literacy
Multimedia Services
Library multimedia section has audiovisual material; DVDs, CD-ROMs, and videos for borrowers as well as in-house facilities to watch. Multimedia section has a collection of over 3000 audio video cassettes, CDs and DVDs. The section is equipped with the following equipment.
• 2 TV with cable connection
• 2 VCRs
• CD/DVD players
• Kindle e-readers
• Wireless Head Phones
• Hi-Fi audio system
• Scanners
• Microfiche reader
• Microfilm reader

AV materials
• Search the library portal to find the location and item number for videos, DVDs, CD-Roms, kits and cassettes.
• A list of DVDs, music CDs, CD-Roms, kits and cassettes.CDs, DVDs, Audio and Video cassettes can be generated by clicking on videos, music scores or audio cassettes in the special collection section of library portal.
• CDs and DVDs which are accompanying material with books are kept in separate shelves in main reading hall on the ground floor of the library.
• Library Lecture Server __________provides access to Video Lectures of STMU Faculty as well as speakers from other institutions and research documentaries. The Library has CD Server at technology to provide around the clock campus wide excess to CD ROM data bases.

Policies for using Multimedia Section.
• CDs and DVDs materials (except cassettes and some multi-media items) are for library use only.
• Kindle and DVD's will be issued for one day only.
• Faculty, students and staff may borrow AV material on a temporary basis for teaching purposes, by prior arrangement with the relevant Academic Liaison Librarians.
• You will need to use headphones (available to borrow at the Multimedia room) to use the AV equipment.
• Multimedia section is open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm on all working days.

Note: It is illegal to copy any media format using the Library AV equipment. Anyone found copying media will be liable to Library disciplinary procedures.
Membership (External)
Resource Sharing / ILL
Document Delivery

Document Delivery & Inter Library Loan

Electronic Document Delivery
If a document or a journal article is not available in STMU Library or locally, the library has arrangements to provide it through international sources electronically. The library provides it through the Internet by paying charges to the service providers. This electronic document supply service has been designed to support research projects.

Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
If a particular item is not available in our collection, the library has arrangements to acquire it from other libraries, both within the country and abroad. ILL request forms are available at the circulation desk.

Book Lending
All registered users are entitled to borrow books. Lending privileges differ for various categories. Please inquire at the circulation desk for your eligibility. Online renewal and reservation services are also available. To borrow books, please present your library relationship card at the circulation desk.

Other Services

CD-ROM Workstations
Four terminals are dedicated for CD-ROM databases searching including full-text information, abstracts, indexes, and international trade statistics.

Online Workstations
Every computer at STMU is online workstation and can be used to search library catalogue and full text online resources. STMU Library catalogue is searchable from any part of the world having internet connection.

Searching Assistance
In case an item is not located on the shelf, inquiry can be made at the circulation desk. A search will then be initiated and the user will be notified when the required item is found. The found item will be held at the Circulation Desk for two days for the user to pick up.

Instructional Support
The library generates subject bibliographies of the available resources for instructional support. These bibliographies are delivered to the faculty for course designing and to students for their research projects and assignments.

Reprographic Service
For photocopying service a photocopy shop is available in the entrance of library.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Library provides remote access to full text online databases and journals resources to its faculty, researchers and graduate & postgraduate students. They can avail this service from remote locations providing their STMU network credentials at

Wireless connectivity to internet is available in the library premises. Patrons can use their laptops/notebooks with build-in wireless adaptor to avail this server.

External Membership Services
Library provides services outside STMU community. Please see details regarding External Membship Services.
Current Content Service
The library collects content pages of current issues of selected important subscribed journals, and circulate it to relevant departments for information. Academics in departments can go through the content pages and make requests for photocopies of articles if they are interested to have and the library undertakes the task of getting the article photocopied and provide it to the requester.

Interested can send the following credentials to the Chief Librarian through email:

i. Name:
ii. ID:
iii. Designation:
iv. Department
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
SDI is a current awareness system which alerts you to the latest publications in your specified field(s) of interest. A user registers at such a system with keywords representing his or her fields of interest, called a search profile. When new publications matching the search profile appear, the system informs the user of them instantly, periodically or upon request. Some systems may also be able to inform the user if changes in already notified publications occur.

Faculty/Researcher who wish to avail the said service can send an email to the Chief librarian with the following credentials:

i. Name:
ii. Field of Interest:
iii. Designation:
iv. Department:
v. ID:
Internet Search Services
Bibliographic Services
Citation pattern & Plagiarism
Indexing & Abstracting Services
New Books List
Other Services