Message from Dr Farrukh Mateen (Head SCMT)


Pakistan has a working age population (15 to 29 years) of 40.04% [1] which keeps increasing annually by 3% and is expected to peak at 67% by 2030[2]. In light of these statistics a new productivity paradigm needs to be formed that is centered on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation catering specifically to the burgeoning youth.

The government of Pakistan has recently established Pakistan Council for Science and Technology[3] in order to help build a strong and self-reliant science and technology system directed towards achievement of national goals and economic growth. Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University (STMU) through Shifa College of Medical Technology (SCMT) realizes the invaluable asset in younger population and will prepare them to excel in the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine. It will do so through a curriculum that combines seamlessly the theoretical and clinical component of medical studies.

Our vision is to create well rounded healthcare professionals who will sparkle in national and international markets as skillful labor force of the health care industry. We expect to inculcate Critical Thinking and a scientific approach to knowledge development. We foresee these students as possible leaders in their field and thus want to instil forward thinking, teamwork and professionalism along with sound technical education.  I am fully assertive that the graduate of SCMT under STMU will perform a momentous role in raising the level of patient care with full keenness and interest both countrywide and abroad.

I urge future students to fully comprehend the significance of acquiring a technical skill and the fact that there is no one who can take it away from them. It will only improve over time making them irreplaceable for any institution they choose to work for.

May Allah Ta’ala help us all acquire knowledge. Good luck.

Dr. Farrukh Mateen
Shifa College of Medical Technology
Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad

[2] Framework for Economic Growth, 2011