Head of Department's Message

Pakistan being a frontline state to a protracted war in Afghanistan and its fall out on our society has extra burden of terrorism, violence and drugs use. On top of that, invasion of foreign cultures on Pakistani scoiety through media has played havoc on mental health of our population. The most effected are our youth who are getting alienated from our values and customs resulting into confusion of values, rampant depression, increasing rate of family violence, suicides and drugs.

We need services of competent clinical psychologists to alter the detoriating path of our youth. Department of clinical psychology aims to serve in this critical area of mental health of Pakistani population.


Prof. Dr. Iftikhar N. Hassan
PhD Clinical Psychology, MA Counselling Psyhology
Licensed clinical psychologist (USA)
Professor & Head of Department
Department of Clinical Psychology 
Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad.