Balancing Personal and Professional Roles
June 22, 2019
YEAR 4 class of 2020 clerkship student’s visit to rural health (RHC) TARLAI
July 1, 2019


Students of Year 4 class of 2020 attending the clerkship of Community and Family Medicine visited SOS children’s village on June 26th, 2019. This educational trip was supervised by Dr. Umme Kulsoom Khattak along with Dr. Saima Rafi and Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Qazi. After  orientation through a video, about the history of SOS village and the project, the medical students visited the homes, interacted with the mothers and their children, played with them and helped them complete their summer vacation tasks. The medical students generously donated money for the village children and appreciated the way homes were managed and children were treated with love and respect. This was the main objective of the visit, as it developed empathy among the students for orphans and under privileged children.