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September 28, 2019
Developing Health Slogans for Effective Health Communication By Year 4 Students of ComHS Clerkship
November 21, 2019

Visit to SOS Children’s Village, Islamabad By Students of Year 4 Community Health Sciences

Students of Year 4 class of 2021 attending the clerkship of Community Health Sciences visited SOS Children’s Village on Nov 14, 2019. This educational trip was supervised by Dr. Saima Rafi and Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Qazi. Our medical students were first given orientation about SOS Village and the project through a video. After this, Year 4 students visited family homes, interacted with the mothers and their children. They played different games with them including cricket and board games. They engaged the village children in different entertaining activities, to an extent that medical students did not want to wind up the activity and return to college. Danish Shafqat, our clerkship student entertained the village children by dressed up in an inflatable suit to incite curiosity and excitement They also said we would like to visit these children again as part of educational activity and or on their own. The medical students generously donated Rs 36,000 for the village children. They also distributed snacks, chocolates, milk and juices. Our students appreciated the way homes were being managed and children were treated with love and respect. The main objective of the visit was to develop empathy and spend quality time with the SOS children.

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