Class of 2021 visit to “Care For Special Persons Foundation”
December 4, 2019
December 18, 2019

Visit to Mashal Model School, Nurpur Shahan Islamabad

Students of Year 2 Class of 2023 visited Mashal Model School Nurpur Shahan near Bari Imam which is school of street children on 17th and 18th Dec 2019. Mashal Model School is a non-profit organization established in 2008 with the Government of Pakistan providing education and guidance to under privileged children from different parts of Pakistan. There are around 900 students in two different campuses. The main objective of this visit was to conduct nutritional assessment of under privileged children. The visit was supervised by Dr Sajida Naseem Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences along with Dr Saima Rafi, Dr Mansoor Ahmed, Dr Fozia Tahir and Dr Hiba Chaudhry, while Dr Sharjeel, Dr Talha and Dr Hassan along with Dr Umar accompanied the students from the Team 2.
Undergraduate medical students were divided into two groups comprising of 50 students each in order to visit two different schools each day. The school children were engaged in different activities which included nutritional assessment, health education and recreational activities. Medical students assessed the height and weight of school children, followed by calculation of BMI and plotting on growth chart. The health talk revolved around their dietary habits, oral and hand hygiene, good and bad touch, menstrual hygiene. These activities were followed by the distribution of warm clothes (Sweaters, gloves, caps and socks), snacks (biscuits, juices, and milk). Medical Students generously donated 30,000 Rs for the children and also shared their joyful moments. 

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