December 18, 2019
Orientation & White Coat Ceremony
December 29, 2019


E-poster presentations of Year 2 class of 2023 were held on 24 December 2019 in the module of Nutrition and Metabolism run by Dr Sumreena Mansoor, Associate Professor, Biochemistry department. The event was supervised by Department of ComHS which include Dr. Sajida Naseem Associate Professor, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Qazi, Dr. Saima Rafi, Dr. Fozia Tahir and Dr. Hiba Choudhry. Judges from the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Nutrition were invited to assess student’s e-poster presentations using a pre designed check list. There were 16 e-poster presentations which covered all the themes of the module. The top three groups scoring the highest marks were awarded certificate of appreciation which were given by Prof. Dr Zahid Naeem HOD ComHS. The students were enthralled with this method of learning and teaching.

  • Nutritional management of 6-year-old female with Glycogen storage disease
  • Nutritional management of 4-year-old male with Fructose intolerance
  • Nutritional management of child with MCAD-Parental guidance
  • Islamic perspective of Diet & Nutrition among adult males
  • Islamic Perspective of Diet & Nutrition among adult females
  • Diet of a healthy adult male living in Rural areas of Punjab
  • Diet of a healthy adult female living in Urban areas of Sindh
  • Diet of a healthy adult male living in Gilgit / Skardu
  • Diet of an adult male having BMI 28kg/mm2 
  • Diet of a female child 6 years of age, weighing 26 kg
  • Diet of a male Infant, weighing 7kg
  • Diet of a 5 months pregnant lady, aged 32 years, BMI 26kg/mm2
  • Diet of a 20 years old mother of a 6 months neonate 
  • Diet of a 15-year-old school going boy, BMI 16 kg/mm2
  • Diet of a mother aged 26 years old, feeding her 18-month old baby
  • Application/ Use of any app for designing/ monitoring diet

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