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January 19, 2018
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January 24, 2018

e-poster competition in Year 3 Class of 2020

An e-poster competition in Year 3 – Class of 2020 of Shifa College of Medicine in the module of GIT under supervision of Dr. Maryam Abid, Dr. Sajida Naseem, Dr. Syeda Hanaa Fatima and Team 3 was held on Tuesday 23 Jan, 2018. Students were divided into 7 groups according to the themes of GIT module. They were given a template on which they presented a public health poster on the assigned theme in 5-7 minutes, which was followed by Q & A session.
These themes included:
Group 1: Oral Ulcers
Group 2: Worm in Stool
Group 3: Pain in Epigastrium
Group 4: Acute Abdomen
Group 5: Jaundice
Group 6: Acute Diarrhoea
Group 7: Chronic Diarrhoea

22 faculty members assessed the posters at two different venues based on which mean score was calculated. The public health e-poster competition ended with announcement of the first 3 positions.

Students and faculty enjoyed this innovative activity.

1st Position: Group 7 / Chronic Diarrhoea
2nd Position: Group 2 / Worm in Stool
3rd Position: Group 6 / Acute Diarrhoea

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