Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy practice is the discipline of pharmacy which involves developing the professional roles of pharmacists. The areas of pharmacy practice may include but is not limited to; clinical, hospital, pharmaceutical care, compounding, patient care, drug information services, immunization programs, community and retail pharmacy, pharmacovigilince and regulatory affairs.

The department of pharmacy practice covers the following courses/area of specialization stretched over 5 years/10 semesters of Pharm. D program.

  1. Pharmacy Practice – I (Pharmaceutical Mathematics & Biostatistics)
  2. Pharmacy Practice – II (Dispensing, Community, Social & Administrative Pharmacy)
  3. Pharmacy Practice – III (Computer & its application in pharmacy)
  4. Pharmacy Practice – IV (Hospital Pharmacy)
  5. Pharmacy Practice – V (Clinical Pharmacy-I)
  6. Pharmacy Practice – VI (Clinical Pharmacy-II)
  7. Pharmacy Practice – VII (Forensic Pharmacy)
  8. Pharmacy Practice – VIII (Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing)