Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice teaches the elements of pharmacy which focus on delivering quality person-centred healthcare. Pharmacy Practice is a dynamic and innovative department with the main objective, to provide the student with a platform of knowledge and experience, so that they are confident to support patients in their therapeutic use and to make clinical decisions for achieving definite patient outcomes.

Through our affiliation with Shifa International Hospital (SIH), we are in the unique position of providing our pharmacy undergraduates with direct exposure and experience to patients and healthcare professionals. Pharmacy undergraduates have the opportunity to engage in educational visits as part of their learning experience at Shifa International Hospital (SIH).

The department offers integration practice modules starting from freshman year where the learner will have the opportunity to visit and experience hands-on training at various practice premises such as hospital, retail, community and clinical specialties with the emphasis on teaching and demonstrating quality pharmaceutical care. The department of Pharmacy Practice is involved in the hospital internship program extending from Sophomore year to Senior year to further enhance their experience and gain a solid insight of the role of Pharmacist in the health care system.

Dr. Shazia Qasim Jamshed

PhD., MPhil., BPharm., (R.Ph., Pak.) Fellow Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH)


Head of Department Pharmacy Practice Dr. Shazia Jamshed did her Ph.D. in Pharmacy Practice in 2011 from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Prior, she completed her Bachelors in Pharmacy and Master of Philosophy Pharmacology from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. Since 2007 onwards she is involved in teaching and guiding research students. She worked as research fellow in USM from 2008-2011 where she mentored undergraduate research students in Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Evidence-Based Medicine, (EBM) Drug Utilization Review, public health pharmacy, generic medicine substitution, and Biostatistics. She was actively involved in guiding final year students for their qualitative research work afterwards. She joined International Medical University, Malaysia as Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice. At IMU she was involved in conducting Professional Skill Development (PSD) and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). She was the module coordinator for Clinical Pharmacy and Hospital coordinator. From 2012 to 2020 she served as Assistant Professor International Islamic University Malaysia and coordinated OSCE followed by the initiation of Home Medication Review Program for final year students. For the last 8 years she was fulfilling the role of Clinical Preceptor in Gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, Renal and Dermatological Clerkships with final year pharmacy program. She worked as Associate Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Practice, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Malaysia and was actively involved in curriculum mapping, OBE system and coordination of Pharmacoinformatics course. She also served as Networking Coordinator, External Linkages from 2020 to 2021 and won laurels of international collaboration for the university both in terms of publications and grants. Recently she served as volunteer pharmacist Immunization Program, Malaysia in 2021. In terms of research skills, she outclassed significantly in research arena and published more than 100 research and review papers in internationally recognized peer review journals with good impact factors. Besides her peer reviewing responsibilities, she is still associated with different international journals in the capacity of Section editor and Associate editor and Editorial Board Member like BMC Health Services Research, Nature Scientific Reports, Perspectives in Public Health. In the paradigm of book chapter writing, she wrote 6 book chapters on topics of Social Pharmacy (Elsevier-India), Intellectual property right and access to Medicines (Palgrave MacMillan), and Pharmacy Education and Practice in Pakistan (Elsevier -USA), Medication Therapy Management. One of the chapters recently published in Encyclopedia of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice encompass the role of pharmacists in multiple sclerosis. In the context of research supervision, twelve students completed their undergraduate research projects at IIUM, IMU, and University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Four students completed their PhD projects while three completed masters under her supervision. Apart from grant writing and securing, she is fine-tuned to project planning and management of staff and colleagues working as collaborators from other disciplines. Her expertise in teaching, research and scholarship, her wide-ranging experience in collaborative research and her strong influencing skills makes her an excellent candidate to help SCPS achieve the aim of developing the pharmacist advocates of safe and effective use of drugs.

Dr. Shaista Hussain

PGDip. ACPP, PGCert. PP, B.Pharm. (R.Ph., Pak. and U.K.)

Assistant Professor
In-charge Pharmacy Practice Department

Dr. Hussain graduated in 1996 from King's College London, University of London, with a Bachelors in Pharmacy. She later gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice from The School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK and Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice from Queen's University, Belfast, UK. She has over 22 years of working experience in her field of Pharmacy including 19 years with the UK National Health Service, working across several hospital trusts, including the UK's largest, Barts Health NHS Trust. Dr. Shaista's experience also spans the primary care sector has developed numerous services in support of optimizing patient-centered care, facilitating in the management of integrated care across the primary and secondary health sectors and partaking in mentorship, training and development of pharmacists, nurses and doctors. Dr. Shaista has also worked with Shifa International Hospital, building quality care systems that implemented good practices. Dr. Shaista joined Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2017 with a passion to impart her extensive clinical pharmacy skills and knowledge for the pharmacy students of the future.

Dr. Waseem Ullah

PGCert. MOOC-IR, SORT-IT, M.Phil., Pharm.D. (RPh., Pak.)

Senior Lecturer and Ph.D. Scholar

Dr. Waseem Ullah graduated from Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan, with Bachelors in Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) and Masters (M.Phil) in Pharmacology from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Pharmacy Practice at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He holds to his credit the ‘Roll of Honor Call’ in all three educational institutes he has attended, along with 6 years of professional experience. During his professional career, he has served different institutes to the likes of Khyber Medical University Peshawar, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, National Tuberculosis Control Program, and The Indus Hospital. He has availed different research grants during his PhD study including University of Sydney International Student Exchange Program (2019), HEC – International Research Support Initiative Program (2018), and UNION - Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative (2017). He secured WHO-TDR-GLOBAL FUND certification in ‘Operational’ and ‘Implementation Research’ strategies for lower-middle-income countries to combat infectious diseases. His research domains have focused on Pharmaco-epidemiology & Public Health, Pharmaceutical Health Services, and Artificial Intelligence in Health care, and Big Data Sets. Specifically, he is testing ‘the contribution of different Public-Private-Mix models in Tuberculosis case notification in Pakistani health care system’.<.p>

Dr. Fatima Balquis

M.Phil., Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)


Dr. Balquis obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy from Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan and M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice from Quaid-e- Azam University (QAU), Islamabad. She has working experience as a community pharmacist and as a hospital pharmacist in Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. She has been providing academic training as a lecturer at Kamyab Institute of Medical Science (KIMS), Rawalpindi. Her current areas of interest in pharmacy practice are in enhancing the medication safety and quality of patient care in clinical pharmacy, practice of polypharmacy & Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR's) Monitoring & Reporting

Dr. Zirwa Asim

M.Phil., Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)


Dr. Asim has done her Pharm.D from Punjab University, Lahore in 2012. She pursued her M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice from Hamdard University, Karachi in 2017 and topped in her class. She has worked in Novamed Pharmaceuticals, Lahore as Quality Control Officer and in Amson Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals as Production Officer. During the M.Phil., her research focused on the assessment of postpartum depression and quality of life after different modes of delivery in women in Pakistan. Her future endeavours include promoting patient health through effective counselling, providing awareness to the general public regarding the irrational use of medicines and strengthening the healthcare system through effective education and training of future pharmacists.

Dr. Sana Dilshad

M.Phil., PGD, Pharm.D. (RPh., Pak.)


Dr. Dilshad is a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice department. She graduated from Riphah International University. Afterwards, she completed her Post Graduate Diploma in teaching (PGD) from Riphah International University. She then enrolled in the M.Phil. degree program in Pharmacy Practice from Hamdard University. Her research area is Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) studies in Diabetes and Insulin Administration. She has been certified in Patient Safety and Quality by IHI, USA. She supervised multiple undergraduate research projects.

Dr. Muhammad Hussain Abutaleb

Ph.D., M.Sc., Pharm.D. (R.Ph., KSA.)

Assistant Professor (Adjunct Faculty)

Dr. Abutaleb is a Consultant Pharmacist, and Director of Pharmacy Residency Program, King Fahad Central Hospital, Jazan. He is also serving as an Adjunct clinical assistant professor in Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jazan University. Dr Abutaleb is currently serving as a Board Member in Scientific Pharmacy Council, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Riyadh, KSA. His research contributions towards the field of clinical pharmacy includes medication errors, safe and effective use of medications, medical and non- medical prescribing patterns, pharmacist prescribing, quality of prescribing, use of international clinical guidelines and quality of care in the field of health services management using comparative effectiveness research methods, secondary databases analysis, systematic review and meta-analysis.

Dr. Komal Fizza

Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)

Lecturer (Adjunct Faculty)
Clinical Quality Specialist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad

Dr. Fizza has been serving in various sectors of pharmacy practice in Pakistan and USA since 2009. A graduate of Riphah International University, she is currently enrolled in Masters in Public Health program. Dr Fizza's certification achievements include JCI accreditation, Pharmacy Preceptor and Antimicrobial Stewardship. She has been a scholarship holder throughout her educational career and is currently serving as an Associate Manager Pharmacy at Shifa International Hospitals, Ltd. (SIHL) Islamabad. She has served as a member of the Hospital Quality Audit team, JCI-accreditation team, coordinator with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) for narcotics procurement & management and other high-profile positions of responsibility. She has presented her work and carried out trainings and workshops at several national and international conferences with a focus to promote the safe and effective use of medicines.

Dr. Muhammad Azizullah Khan

M.P.H., Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)

Clinical Pharmacy Lecturer (Adjunct Faculty)
Principal Pharmacist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad

Principal Pharmacist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad Dr. Khan holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Hamdard University, Karachi. Based on his interest in understanding the drug manufacture and supply chain management process, he joined the Gray's Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad where he worked as a Production Pharmacist for two years. During the same time, he enrolled in the Masters in Public Health program to develop himself as a caregiver for the general masses. On completion of his degree, he moved to Dubai where he worked as a Hospital Pharmacist at Zulekha Hospital. With this diverse training and experience, he decided to join the Shifa International Hospitals Ltd., Islamabad to serve his motherland. Over the past 7 years, Dr. Khan has been working in different areas of pharmacy management including ambulatory care, preceptorship, medication management and stock management among others. He is actively involved in training and scholarship.

Dr. Rehan Anjum

Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)

Clinical Pharmacy Associate (Adjunct Faculty)
Clinical Pharmacist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad

Dr. Anjum has done his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) from Hamdard University, Karachi, He holds the degree of Master of Science in Bio-informatics from Comsats University Islamabad. He has worked at multiple hospital settings as a clinical pharmacist and has an experience of more than 5 years. Currently his is working as critical care and transplant clinical pharmacist at Shifa International Hospital. Department of Pharmacognosy.

Dr. Bakhtawer Raza Chauhan

Pharm.D., (R.Ph. Pak.)

Clinical Pharmacy Instructor

Principal Pharmacist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad Dr. Chauhan graduated from Riphah International University, Islamabad in 2015. Ever since, she has worked in different areas of pharmacy practice including industrial pharmacy, retail pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. She is currently leading the Take-Home Pharmacy services at Shifa International Hospitals Ltd., Islamabad where she is managing the discharged patients' medication counseling, reconciliation and MTM. She is also serving at ta preceptor for the Clinical Pharmacy Residency program.

Dr. Muhammad Gulzaib

Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)

Clinical Pharmacy Lecturer (Adjunct Faculty)

Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad Dr. Gulzaib has done his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) from university of Sindh, Jamshoro. He has worked at multiple hospital settings as a clinical pharmacist and has an experience of more than 5 years. Currently he is working as Pediatric clinical pharmacist at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad. At hospital he is involved in training of other pharmacists and also serving as residency program Preceptor.

Dr. Zeeshan Khattak

Pharm.D. (R.Ph., Pak.)

Clinical Pharmacy Instructor (Adjunct Faculty)
Clinical Pharmacist at Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIHL), Islamabad

Dr. Khattak has graduated from Kohat University of Science & Technology, Kohat in 2017. Ever since, he has worked in different areas of pharmacy practice including hospital Pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. He is currently working as clinical pharmacist at Shifa International Hospitals Ltd (SIHL)., Islamabad where he is managing drug information and therapeutic drug monitoring.