Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology at Shifa College of Medicine is headed by Prof. Dr. Rifat Nadeem Ahmad, who leads a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty encompassing all the disciplines of the subject. These include 4 Professors, 12 Associate/Assistant Professors and 10 Demonstrators. The department has a well-equipped laboratory and museum. The subject of Pathology is taught in a modular curriculum integrated with other basic sciences in the first three years of the MBBS programme.


  1. The Faculty of Pathology has published 60 research articles in National and International medical journals since 2015.
  2. The department has presented 10 papers in scientific conferences in the last 5 years.
  3. Dr. Maryam Habib, Assistant Professor of Pathology was awarded prize for her research presented in 1st National Scientific Congress held on 15-16 December 2018 at Islamabad.

Future plans:

The department is continuously striving to achieve excellence and innovation in the field of medical education, and encourages its students and faculty to engage in meaningful research.