Mission Statement

The Department of Computing Sciences at Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University aims to promote student centric learning through reliance on active rather than passive learning, an emphasis on deep learning and understanding, increased responsibility and accountability on the part of the student, an increased sense of autonomy in the learner, an interdependence between teacher and learner, mutual respect within the learner teacher relationship, and a reflexive approach to the teaching and learning process on the part of both the teacher and the learner.

The department seeks to provide high-quality programs of instruction, research, and service and to refine them continuously to meet the evolving needs of its students and society. Toward this end the department will:

  • Enable its students to master the fundamental principles of computing and to develop the skills needed to solve practical problems using contemporary computer-based technologies and practices;
  • Understand advanced concepts, develop new technologies and methods, and expand the base of fundamental knowledge;
  • Cultivate a community of professionals that encourages scholarship and facilitates both applied and theoretical research;
  • Serve its constituents in government, industry, and the public as a resource on state-of-the-art computing science and information technology.