Salient Features

Shifa College of Nursing provides diverse teaching and learning methodologies through a rigorous training process, JCIA standardized clinical environment and mentorship in collaboration with Shifa International Hospital (SIH).

Following are the core facilities at Shifa Colege of Nursing;

  • Classrooms: All class rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with Multimedia, LEDs, and white board and all other teaching facilities.
  • Clinical Learning Skills Lab: Skill lab is an integral part of clinical learning where nursing students learn a variety of lab based practices of physical assessment and psychomotor skills. Skills lab provides an opportunity for the students to strengthen their critical thinking and decision making skills under the supervision of their teachers. After the initial training in Skills lab, the students are sent for clinical practice where they work under the supervision of the faculty and registered nurses.
  • Computer Lab: For all computer related work student utilize SCN computer lab.
  • Library: The Dr. Shahina Qazi Center for Medical Informatics offers following facilities:
    • Books for borrowing and referencing
    • Journals / Periodicals
    • Internet access
    • Photocopy services
  • Sports Facilities / Extra Curricular Activities: Students have the opportunity to participate in different sports like tennis, basket and volley ball, courts, cricket ground etc.
  • Facilities for Female Students: Hostel facility and pick & drop from hostel to college & college to hostel is available for female students.
  • Sponsorship for Female Students: Shifa International Hospital offers merit based sponsorships for female candidates for the year 2017.