Hospital and Clinical Training/Rotations/Clerkship

Hospital Based Clinical Facilities: 

For the clinical placement, the college is affiliated with the highly reputed Shifa international hospital. The hospital provide the students exposure to a number of clinical disciplines related to all areas of medical and surgical nursing, mental health nursing, leadership & management, Pediatric, Gynae & Obstetrics. The primary clinical site remains SIH, however for certain specialized trainings such as in Psychiatry, or for other specialized unit’s students do their clinical in other hospitals.

Community Based Clinical Facilities: 

In order to promote the vision of versatility in the training of its students, SCN is linked to the following primary health care centers in and around Islamabad-Rawalpindi area:

  • Shifa Foundation Community Health Centre (Falahee Clinic)
  • Regional Training Institute
  • Under Privileged Areas of Islamabad (Kachi Abbadi)
  • Shifa Rotary Clinic (Noorpur Shahan)
  • Saint Thomas Church Community Islamabad.
  • In addition, students also rotate through different local sites of
  • interest like slaughter house, pharmaceutical companies, Edhi
  • Center, Lokvirsa, Museums and Factories etc.