List of Selected Candidates for Interview (2020-2021)

Shifa College of Dentistry (SCD)


  1. All applicants who applied through PMC portal for admission in Shifa College of Dentistry (SCD) but missed the chance to apply through STMU portal for admission (BDS only & BDS+MBBS) or applied for admission through STMU portal but missed the interview calls for BDS and scored above 56.068/80 aggregate in Grade 12 and MDCAT will be given an additional chance for interview in person on Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th , 2021 at 0830:00 a.m at Shifa College of Dentistry, 956 West Service Road, Sohan Interchange, Dhoke Kala Khan, Main Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad) otherwise there application would not be considered further for admission in BDS.
  1. Similarly, candidates who applied for both BDS+MBBS through STMU / PMC portal and were interviewed by SCM for MBBS and do not get admission in MBBS, would be considered for admission in BDS on the basis of MBBS interview.
  1. Candidates who have applied for both BDS+MBBS through STMU/PMC portal and who get admission in BDS in SCD and later on come on merit for admission in MBBS at Shifa College of Medicine (SCM) will be given one time chance for transfer to SCM at that time.