ARTICLE I: Preamble and Name

We, the alumni of Shifa College Of Medicine (henceforth referred to as SCM), out of our conviction to form a cohesive and uniform platform to foster closer ties with SCM (including its students and alumni), and to promote, promulgate and facilitate the healthcare, educational, research and community service missions of SCM, and to support our alma mater, hereby form “The Shifa Alumni Association” (henceforth referred to as “the Association”).

ARTICLE VII: Operations

a. The physical offices of the Association shall be in the premises of Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad, Pakistan. while the component societies may operate within their convenient physical locations.

b. The use of the Shifa Alumni Association name, abbreviation and logo shall be subject to agreement between the University and the Association.

c. The fiscal year of the Association shall extend from January 1of each year through December 31of the same year.

d. The Association shall maintain an account at a bank located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

e. Component societies shall be allowed to maintain their individual accounts in their country of

incorporation, or other places of their choice, provided they provide annual statements of all income and expense to the Association. The Association shall not exert any control over these accounts, except to ensure proper accounting and accountability in accordance with the existing laws and its bylaws.

f. If individual component societies elect to maintain their own account, a failure to comply with all the relevant laws of the country pertaining to such accounts, and a failure to report details of all such accounts, shall constitute grounds for termination of the component society’s seat in the Association. Such action shall not affect individual membership of any of the Active Members of the component society provided the individual members continue to comply with the bylaws.

g. Any membership dues or any other assessments or funds raised for the Association’s operations shall be the property of the Association, and shall be expended by the Association according to the bylaws and the direction of the Executive Body.

h. The Association shall hire services of professional accountants/auditors as deemed necessary to ensure proper maintenance of accounts and to comply with all pertinent laws.

i. Contributions other than those specified in Article VII, Section g, made to the Association shall shall be utilised in consultation with the Executive Body in line with the Association’s priorities and needs.

ARTICLE VIII: Amendments

a. The Association may from time to time repeal, add or amend the bylaws.

b. Proposal for amendments may be initiated with a written request of at least 20 Active Members.

c. Any request for amendments shall be addressed initially to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, which shall provide its recommendations to the Executive Body at the next meeting of the Executive Body.

d. The Executive Body shall deliberate upon the recommendations of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee at the next regular meeting, or a specially called meeting upon the request of a simple majority of the Executive Body members.

e. A simple majority of the Executive Body shall vote in affirmative on the proposed amendments for the amendments to be presented to the General Body

f. Once approved by a simple majority of the Executive Body, the proposed amendments shall be presented to the General Body at the next scheduled meeting, for which at least a 60-day notice and the intention to present such amendments shall be provided to the General Body members.

g. At least a two-thirds majority of the General Body, at a duly called General Body meeting, as

specified in Article VI, Section f, provided a quorum is present, shall be required to carry the


h. The Executive Body shall provide the facility to vote on amendments via secure electronic ballot or web conference for those Active Members unable to attend the General Body meetings in person.

Article IX: Finances:

a. Shifa Alumni Association will have its annual account audit by Shifa Tameer e Millat University to ensure transparency in fund utilisation.

b.The association will collect annual fee from its members who wish to retain the status of "active members". The sum of this fee may be subject to change depending on the decision of the Executive body, as per needs of the time.

c. The Association may also request funds for any other projects that it is undertaking. These will not be mandatory on active members but would be considered as voluntary funds for a specific project.

d. The Association may also accept funds from benefactors as donations, provided that the donations do not originate from illegal sources and are not intended for illegitimate or immoral purposes.


a. If at any time the Association feels that it has strayed from its original purpose or is being misused, then the Executive Body may move for its dissolution.

b. A 3/5th majority is needed in the Executive Body to vote in favor of dissolution.

c. After the Executive Body has voted in favor of dissolution, the matter will be voted upon by the General Body.

d. If 2/3rd majority of the General body votes in favor of dissolution, then the Association would be dissolved and would cease to exist or function.

e. In case of dissolution, it would be the responsibility of the Executive Body to dispose of the Association's assets in a just and fair manner, and to resolve any of the Associations pending issues.  

Article VI: Meetings

a. Meetings shall be held at such times and places as determined by the President in consultation with the Executive body.

b. A minimum of one Executive Body and one General Body meeting shall be held every year.

c. The President or the Executive Body, upon recommendation of a majority of the Executive Body, may call additional meetings of the Executive Body.

d. Additional meetings of the General Body may be called by a majority of the Executive Body or by a majority of the Active Members of the Association.

e. The format of the meetings, whether requiring physical presence or through electronic

communication, shall be decided by the President in consultation with the Executive Body.

A simple majority of the Executive Body shall constitute the quorum for the Executive Body Meetings.

f. The presence of at least 5% of the Active Membership, or a minimum of 20 Active Members shall constitute quorum for the General Body Meetings. These numbers shall be revised by the active membership at a duly called General Body Meeting within five years of ratification of the bylaws, and at least once every 10 years thereafter, to adjust to the growing alumni body.

Article V: Elections

a. Elections shall be held in the second half of the year. Elections shall be concluded and newly elected officers announced by December (results to be announced at the grand reunions).

b. Election of officers of the Association shall be held by secret mail ballot or secure electronic methods, or any other manner as approved by the Executive body, with a simple majority required for election.

c. No candidate shall be elected to the same office of the Association for more than two consecutive terms. After that, at least two full terms of office shall pass before the said officer may re-seek the same office.

d. The election process shall be supervised and conducted by the Nomination and Elections Committee. The members of this committee shall not be contestants for elections for two years preceding and following their term.

e. The rules and methodology of elections shall be prescribed by the Nominations and Elections

Committee and confirmed by the Governing Council and the contestants shall agree to abide by such rules in writing prior to their nominations being accepted.

f. Members may self-nominate, or may be nominated by any Active Member. Supporting signatures of at least 10 Active Members shall be required for a nomination to be accepted.

g. In case of a tie, a run-off election will be conducted amongst the candidates receiving equal

votes. No new names shall be sought nor added to the list of candidates indicated on the original

ballot for the post under consideration in a run-off election. Only candidates with the highest number of votes shall be included in the run-off election.

h. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall seek nominations from the Active Members for all posts through electronic or other communications channels determined by the Committee. At least 30 days notice shall be provided to Active Members to send in nominations.

i. The dates of election shall be fixed by the Officers in consultation with the Executive body. However, at least 30 days shall be given to Active Members to cast the ballot by mail or electronically. The process shall be completed at least 60 days prior to the expiration of terms of

current officers.

ARTICLE II: Objectives of the Association

The Association shall:

a. Promote the welfare and interests of the SCM and the Alumni Association.

b. Develop ways and means to contribute to the growth and development of its members and to SCM by organising the resources of its members.

c. Foster professional and educational opportunities for the professional, personal and intellectual growth of its alumni and students.

d. Maintain a liaison between its members and SCM..

f. Be responsible for developing and maintaining communication with the Alumni through, but not limited to, alumni database, social media and its website.

g. Conduct other programmes the Association may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives.

Article III: Membership

a. Alumni shall be defined as "graduates of the SCM Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program".

b. The membership of the Association shall be divided into the following categories:

i. Active Members: Membership shall be open to all alumni of the SCM, in good standing, who have received MBBS degree and paid their dues (membership fees etc). Active Members shall have the right to vote in all elections and shall have the right to hold office.

ii. Non Active members: graduates of SCM who have entered their information into the database but have not paid their dues. Non active members do not get a right to vote.

ii. Honorary Members: This shall be conferred to persons who would have demonstrated special

service or made contribution(s) to the mission of the Shifa Alumni Association. Honorary members may be nominated by any member of the Executive Body and shall be ratified by a simple majority of the Executive Body, and subsequently approved by the next Annual General Body Meeting of the Association by a simple majority. Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

iii. Student members: includes those students who are currently enrolled in SCM. They shall serve as a bridge between the current students of SCM and the Alumni. They do not have the right to vote.

c. Rights and obligations of members:

i. Eligible persons shall fill a prescribed membership application form that shall be verified by

the membership committee

ii. Active membership shall take effect, after all dues, as prescribed by the Executive Body

of the Association, are paid by the applicant.

d. Only Active Members shall have the right to vote and shall be eligible to hold office. Active

membership shall expire for the following reasons:

i. Upon non-payment of prescribed dues;

ii. If the member withdraws his/her membership in writing;

iii. If the member is convicted of any felony crime/indictable offense in any jurisdiction;

iv. If the member’s degree/diploma/certificate is revoked by the University for any reason; or

v. If the member’s professional license is withdrawn/revoked by his/her professional

regulatory body.

e. The dues of the Association shall be decided by the Executive Body and revised periodically as deemed necessary by the Executive Body. The Executive Body shall have the authority to determine a variable and tiered dues structure for alumni.

Article IV: Governance and Structure:

a. General Body

i. It shall consist of Active Members of the Association, according to the provisions provided herein.

ii. For the smoother running of its affairs, it shall delegate authority to various components as

outlined herein.

b. Executive Body

i. It shall be the legislative and policy-making body of the Association.

ii. It shall consist of elected officers of the Association and the component chapter heads, and two honorary student members

iii. It shall fix the date and place of meetings upon the recommendation of the President of the


iv. It shall create and authorise the standing committees, upon the recommendation of the President of the Association.

v. It shall create and authorise special and ad hoc committees as and when needed and upon the

recommendation of the President of the Association.

vi. It shall determine the annual membership dues for all categories of membership, which may be revised periodically.

vii. The Executive Board will be elected on a two-yearly basis

c. Chapters of the Shifa Alumni

i. The component organizations shall consist of regional chapters, to be decided by the Executive Body.

ii. Each regional chapter shall have the discretion to organise their alumni as a group. The

bylaws of such groups shall not contradict the letter and spirit of the bylaws of Shifa Alumni. In case of any conflict, competing interest or procedural matters, the bylaws and

decisions of Shifa Alumni shall supersede those of the individual groups.

iii. Chapters must be approved by a simple majority of the

Executive Board before they are formally inducted into the Executive Board.

iv. Each chapter shall conform to and abide by the bylaws of Shifa Alumni, until their own bylaws are approved.

D. Officers

i. The officers of the Executive Body shall be the President, President elect, Secretary,

Treasurer and six Active Members of the Association and two student members

ii. The President shall be the presiding officer of the Association.

iii. The Secretary shall be the recording officer of the Executive Body and the General Body.

iv. The Secretary shall supervise all arrangements for the holding of each meeting in compliance

with the bylaws and instructions of the Executive Body including sending all official notices

of meetings, committee appointments, notification of election results and special committee


v. The Treasurer shall be the manager of all recurring funds of the Association including all

membership dues, assessments, and donations and such monies acquired to support alumni

activities as may be due to the Association. In such duties, the Treasurer shall be accountable,

through the Executive Body, to the Association. The Treasurer shall also chair the Finance Committee.                                                                                                                                    

vi. The Treasurer shall collect, deposit and disburse all funds received upon order of the Executive Body.                                                                                                                               

vii. The Vice President shall substitute for the President in his/her absence.                              

viii. Student Members may attend the Executive Body meetings, but their role is to act as a bridge between Alumni and current students, and they have no voting rights.                      

ix. The term of office for each officer shall be two years, starting January 1.        

x. The officers must be Active Members of the Association for at least three years (this provision is waived for the first three years after ratification of the bylaws).                                                

x. In the event that one or more elected officers or governors (other than the President) is unable or fails to complete his or her term of service, the President, in consultation with the Elections and Nominations Committee, shall have the power to fill such vacancy or vacancies by the appointment of a replacement. Each replacement so chosen shall hold office until the end of the term of the officer or governor whom he/she is replacing. In case the President is unable or fails to complete a term, the Vice President shall assume the office for the remainder of the term, and then continue his/her own term for which he/she was elected.

e. Standing Committees

i. The President shall nominate members to standing committees in consultation with the Executive Body.

ii. The standing committees of the Association shall be as follows and the terms of reference for each shall be provided and approved by the Executive Body:                                                       

a. Nomination and Elections Committee 

b. Finance Committee

c. Research, Education and Scientific Affairs Committee

d. Resource Development Committee 

e. Alumni Tracking Committee

f. Publications and Communications Committee                   

iii. Each Committee shall present an annual report to the Executive Body and the Officers, of the work done by the Committee