Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

The International Certificate in Medical Teaching has the following learning outcomes:

When you have participated in this session and completed the related portfolio evidence, you will be able to:

1st Contact Session:

  • Distinguish between different beliefs about how students learn
  • Recognise parameters of diversity in the student population
  • Plan support and guidance to meet a diverse range of student needs
  • Design a lecture with a clear structure
  • Prepare and use presentation technology effectively
  • Describe strategies for increasing student engagement in lectures
  • Describe a range of strategies for engaging disengaged students in small group discussion
  • Plan and brief an effective team activity


2nd Contact Session:

  • Explain and apply key concepts used in assessment
  • Select appropriate assessment methods for different learning outcomes
  • Design a range of assessment methods commonly used in medical education
  • Explain the role of feedback in student learning
  • Explain the importance of the evidence base in improving medical teaching and learning
  • Design/select methods for gathering evaluation data and interpret such data as evidence for the effectiveness or otherwise of innovations in learning and teaching


Both Sessions:

  • Use technology to enhance learning, teaching and assessment practices
  • Search and critique the medical education literature

Critique own teaching practices to reflect the diversity of learners and to foster inclusivity