Act, Regulations, Guidelines and Policies

1. University Act (Act No. F. 9(3)/2012-Legis. - Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) 2nd March 2012. [Download]

2. University Statutes (STMU Statutes approved by Senate in 7th meeting 29-06-2013) [Download]

3. Academic Regulations (STMU Academic Regulations approved by the Senate in 7th meeting 29-06-2013) [Download]

4. Financial Regulations (STMU Financial Regulations approved by the Senate in 7th meeting 29-06-2013) [Download]

5. Plagiarism Policy (Higher Education Commission Plagiarism Policy) [Download]

6. Protection against Harassment of Women (Act No. F. 9(5)/2009-Legis. - Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) 9th March 2010. [Download]

7. STMU Code of Ethics [Download]

8. STMU Service Structure for Non teaching/Admin staff [Download]

9. STMU Service Structure for Faculty appointments [Download]

10. Policy for requisition & Terms of ownership for IT equipment/Computer machines [Download]

Students Section

1. STMU Code of Ethics [Download]

2. University Registration Form [Download]

3. Course Registration Form [Download]

4. Fee/Dues Refund Form [Download]

5. University Migration Form [Download]

6. Paper Re-checking Form [Download]

7. Hostel accommodation/admission Form [Download]

8. Hostel leaving clearance proforma [Download]

9. Issuance of Transcript Form [Download]

10. Issuance of Duplicate Degree Form [Download]

11. Affidavit Specimen for Revised Degree [Download]

12. Affidavit Specimen for Duplicate degree [Download]

13. Attestation & Verification of academic documents Form [Download]

14. Examination Candidature Form (SCM) [Download]

15. Examination Candidature Form (SCN) [Download]

16. Examination Candidature Form (Semester System) [Download]

17. University Recognition Certificate (HEC) [Download]

18. Electives Form 2017 [Download]

19. Electives Policy for External Students [Download]

20. Student Clearance Form [Download]

Faculty / Staff Section

1. STMU Code of Ethics [Download]

2. Leave application Form [Download]

3. Insurance claim Form [Download]

4. Issuance of University Identity Card Form [Download]

5. Sexual Harassment Policy (Higher Education Commission Sexual Harassment Policy) [Download]

6. Plagiarism Policy (Higher Education Commission Policy) [Download]

7. Clearance Form [Download]

8. HR Record Update Form [Download]

9. Official e-mail ID generation Form [Download]

10. Overtime claim form [Download]

11. HR Joining Report Form [Download]

12. HR Employment Form [Download]

13. Website content upload/change request form [Download]

14. Gratuity fund membership form [Download]

15. Employee Loan application form [Download]


1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS (Prospectus 2016) [Download]

2. Bachelor of Sciences Nursing, Master of Science Nursing - BSN, MSN (Prospectus 2016) [Download]

3. Doctor of Pharmacy - Pharm. D (Prospectus 2016) [Download]

4. Doctor of Physical Therapy - DPT (Prospectus 2016) [Download]

5. Medical Technology - MT (Prospectus 2016) [Download]

6. Business Administration - MBA (Prospectus 2016) [Download]