Shifa College of Medicine

At Shifa College of Medicine we focus on developing lifelong competencies in our graduates. We have adopted the competency framework modeled by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada. These competencies -CanMEDs refer to our goals of developing a medical graduate who is: medical expert, collaborator, communicator, scholar, health advocate, manager and professional.

If you are looking to challenge yourself, have the will and strength of character and come up to the expectation to some of greatest minds in Pakistan Shifa welcomes you! Shifa is home to the pride of performance winner, 7 PhDs; All our Preceptors are Fellowship or Masters degree holders.

The curriculum at Shifa is learner centered, clinically oriented and will introduce you to patient presentations in all your learning from day one which will progress to clinical clerkships where you will be shadowing clinicians. Our class rooms, laboratories, clinics have been designed with the curriculum in mind. Audio-Visual aids, on-demand internet, an all-in-one custom built resource-facility where you, the student as well as the faculty can access multiple sources of learning including powered mannequins, best-practice as well as an extensive library of audio and Video files.

To cater to your good mental health we have a dedicated team of trained counselors ready to guide you. Still think you have what it will take to be a Shifaite? Read on to find out how you can be one of the few who will be selected to join the class of 2022.